Innovation speed dating

The MM is a framework for how you can think about your school’s innovation journey, and the Summit Backpack toolkit will help you imagine and implement a differentiated “summit” idea.Learn how to bring this framework and toolkit back to your school through new blended, online, and face-to-face resources. As category mega-brands—Axe, Gillette, Dove and Old Spice—invested heavily to forge strong bonds with Millennial men, Speed Stick continued to launch me-too products with little marketing support.If Speed Stick was going it to survive, the value brand had to up its ante on innovation, launching a pipeline of premium products that would stand out at shelf and connect with twenty-something men who long left the brand behind.Dr Neli Demireva will be attending ‘Academic Speed-Dating’ Networking Lunch organised by the Migration and Mobility Network (funded by The Oxford Research Cetre in the Humanities TORCH).This event brings together all researchers of migration and mobility across the divisions of the University of Oxford to facilitate cross- and interdiscriplinary exchange and foster synergies for potential future collaborations. At a social center in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, the locals stand on one side, the immigrants - many refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other war-torn countries - face them.

SOFIA (Reuters) - Couples lining up to face each other are given 30 seconds to chat before moving on - in a version of speed dating that, rather than sparking romance, aims to promote understanding and integration for new immigrants.“It’s so good to have an event like this, especially for refugees,” said Rodi Naamo, a 26-year-old Syrian Kurd who arrived in Bulgaria in 2015, when hundreds of thousands of migrants passed through the Balkans en route to Germany and northern Europe.Bulgarians also appreciated the speedy encounters, as well as the Middle Eastern food and traditional Afghan dances afterwards.The Industry Innovation Showcase provides the opportunity to demonstrate cutting-edge solutions to government representatives and potential industry partners.Located on the exhibit floor, the showcase provides a platform for the broad exposure to government, military and industry attendees.