Arm9 fota updating

Useful to help someone with another device or to see the initial setup of a device.One script handles and mounts only the initrd and is useful when modifying an initrd.So, if you post with information to be added to the changelog, please specify as many details you feel are relevant, including if you are fully stock or running a rooted device, along with the country you are from and SKU.

These payloads are updated rarely and only really serve the purpose of launching from the SD Card, which is, in our case, Luma3DS.The "missing files" will be copied from the initrd to the root file system.The script function Copy From Initrd To Hdd() is defined and called inside /linuxrc of the initrd. u Image.buffalo is a U-Boot kernel image, which also contains a special mach-type for the device.You may need to repeat this a couple of times to get the file to start downloading.Once your device knows of the update it will automatically download it in the background and then display a notification on the bottom bar near the clock. If you have to manually update your firmware for some reason, the files are usually available from the Asus website THIS LINK or THIS LINK or via the Asus FTP server HERE. (see below for SKU version info) -Then read the user guide file (PDF) attached to the bottom of this post. The SKU versions on the asus firmware page, are as follows: US = USA CN = China TW = Taiwan WW = Worldwide (for any other device that doesn't have a specific country SKU, e.g.